Frequently Asked Questions

When is registration held?

  • Fall registration is usually held in August with the season starting in September.
  • Spring registration is usually held during January/February with the season starting in March.

What age group will my child play with?

AGE DIVISIONS (4 years old — 18 years old)

U6 — Players born between 2015-2016 (size 3 ball)
U8 — Players born between 2013-2014 (size 3 ball)
U10 — Players born between 2011-2012 (size 4 ball)
U12/U14 — Players born between 2007-2010 (size 5 ball)

All Divisions are Co-ed.

When are games?

Schedules will generally work as follows:
Monday: U6 games
Tuesday: U8 games
Wednesday: No scheduled games
Thursday: U10 games and U12/U14 games
Friday: No scheduled games
Saturday: All age groups will play games
Sunday: No scheduled games

How many practices and games will there be each week?

There can be a maximum of 3 events per week. For example: if there are 2 games scheduled for that week (one on Monday and one on Saturday-for U6) then the coach may only schedule 1 practice for the week. But, if the team only has a game on Saturday then they could have 2 practices that week. However the combination works out they will only have 3 events per week, either games or practices.

When are practices?

  • Practice dates and times are determined by the coach of the team. The coaches must follow the 3 events per week rule, but they may have practices whenever it is convenient for him/her and his/her team.

How long is the season?

  • Each team is scheduled for 8 games. The season will generally last 6 weeks (2 weeks for practices followed by 2 games per week for 4 weeks.) However, due to rain-outs and such, the season could possibly take longer. Sometimes teams will choose not to make-up games and forfeit instead of playing if the season begins to go too long, however every attempt will be made to reschedule rain-outs.

What can I do to help?

  • Altus Soccer Club is a volunteer run nonprofit organization. We can always use more help! If you are looking for ways to help, here are some things that we ALWAYS need:
    1. Coaches
    2. Referees (this is a paid position after the required training course)
    3. Board members
    4. Team parents

How do I sign up to help?

  1. Coaches: Please contact our coaching coordinator.
  2. Referees: Please contact our referee coordinator.
  3. Board members: Please contact our secretary.
  4. Team parents: Please contact your coach.

All contact information can be found on the “About Us” page.

Thank you for all your support!

Altus Soccer Club